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linux debian server installation help

linux debian server installation help

Debian Linux is a good choice when configuring a robust Linux server. A good sysadmin can configure a system capable of handling thousands of connections per second with a simple out-of-the box installation with some minor tweaks  here and there.

When configuring a server that needs to handle a lot of connections to the apache webserver you might want to do a virtualisation setup with OpenVZ and some virtual containers. This is so you can isolate your webserver from your MySQL server for performance reasons. One other tweak that is overlooked many times is the Apache daemon. The out-of-the-box configuration file of apache is not capable to handle a thousands of connections. You might need to tweak this by hand.

Using nginx as a front-end proxy to direct http/https traffic to your apache servers is also a good choice to split up the load to increase performance.

If you currently have a site that is drawing a lot of traffic and you are in need to split up the load you may contact me for assistance. I do like these kind of projects.


Rudolf Maduro ([email protected]+ rudolfmaduro+.+ com)

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