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Rudolf Maduro – About

Rudolf Maduro

My name as you might have guessed by the domain name is Rudolf Maduro. From time to time I’ll write on this site in English or Dutch. I am passionately curious by nature, for example when I got this domain years ago (around 2000) I used it for many online hacking experiments. These experimental habits of mine have not changed so if something is broken on here it is most likely broken for a reason.

Areas of Expertise:

Mostly Technical and Coaching


  • Sport Coaching (PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor)
  • Emergency First Response Instructor (‘EHBO’ / Streetmedic)
  • Personal Coaching

Volunteering Activities:

  • More about the causes I support can be found if you follow this link.


  • Unix/Linux System Administration (Redhat/Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Network Administration
  • OpenVZ Homenode virtualization administrator
  • VMWARE administrator
  • Nagios (including writing of custom plugins in bash)
  • Docker – Portainer
  • DNS administrator (Bind and PowerDNS) currently learning KNOT DNS for automatic wildcard ipv6 reverse record generating capabilities.
  • Nginx (Engine X) reverse proxy administrator and solution provider
  • Cloudflare specialist
  • SEO Search engine optimization specialist
  • Know my way around with PHP, Python and of course shell scripting like Bash.
  • WordPress specialist (known for writing custom plugins from time to time)
  • Basically I hack my way around cpu’s since 1989


  • Self employed since my 18th birthday, but I started around my 16th.
  • 2004 – setup and maintenance of the infrastructure of a small ISP on the Island of Aruba. Servers configured: cacheflow/web/nameservers/resolvers/ras/ip-planning/bandwidth-planning/wireless infra planning.
  • 2006 – Custom made hosting solutions for a very diverse clientele. Still hosted with me is the law firm  –
  • 2001 – 2016 operating under the company Maduro Solutions and after a short hiatus in 2007 with Maduro Internet Solutions. Offering online life coaching,  remote Linux system administrator for diverse clients owning or leasing their own dedicated servers worldwide and server monitoring for clients worldwide.

Work history:

  • XS4ALL Internet BV, 2nd line helpdesk backoffice and support engineer trainer, 2001-2008.
  • BBeyond BV, business support desk, 2008.
  • COPE  IPS BV (Now they are named Dimensional Insight Netherlands B.V. a Business Intelligence service company) as a Linux system administrator in Leiden of a server park of +100 virtual machines
  • Board member Stichting Humanity4all – March 15 2012
  • Board member Stichting Lucifer – December 13 2013

Do want to get in touch? Feel free to contact me.

Rudolf Maduro