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Ongoing projects

  • August 2022 – Project BGP: run your own ASN (beheer je eigen ASN) –

PHP Scripts

  • WordPress plugin embedded video loading block to make sure this website is GDPR/AVG compliant (last update 2022).
  • Ad Serving Module – 2009 serve paid ads on your site just like google adsense. Let your users buy in ad space. needs PHP5/MySQL5 – includes sample working URLS.
  • MobileMoney API – 2007-2009  handle payments on your website using the payment processor MobileMoney. needs PHP5/MySQL5 – includes automated cronjob to assign credits to your own users.
  • WordPress MU Newblogs RSS feed generator –  2009 Will generate a RSS feed of all new blogs on your WordPress Mu system. Just drop in the PHP file and it works right out of the box. Tweak XML values to personalize it to your site and choose how many blogs you want to display in your RSS feed. needs PHP5/MySQL5/Wordpress Mu 2.9.2 (should work with 3.0.1 too)
  • Contact me for information on how to get a copy and make these scripts work on your site. (since they are quite old they might not be as secure anymore, I would not recommend anybody to use them anymore)